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What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Last Couple of Days

The main word to define Thursday was "ouch". Turns out that all that squatting to draw the crossbow (a very distinct and unusual stance for me) exercised some unusual muscles. Fortunately, it mostly did not hit the muscles that I use for real archery -- which was good, because that was the first order of business for the day.

It was a good morning for archery (aside from being trapped at the top of the hill by the Causeway Battle), and considering I hadn't drawn my bow in 2 years I did well, hitting 8 points total. I got 2 points on the slot shoot, and 5 on the clout shoot. (I always have decent grouping on the clout, but my range-finding skill is poor, since I can never quite see where the damned things are landing. Fortunately, this time I got the range right, so got 5 in and one just a foot short.)

I should have gotten 2 points on the advancing warriors, but only got 1 due to the most impressive goof I've ever committed in archery. I shot (far wide) at the 70 yard target, then decided to take my time on the 50. I held it for a good five seconds, carefully aiming, and forgetting that I'm out of practice; my hand, quickly tiring, twitched as I released. The arrow sailed gracefully out, and hit the target dead in the heart. The 60 yard target. So I got docked a point for making the most perfect shot I've ever made on that particular shoot, at the target that was further than I was supposed to be shooting at. *Sigh*.

Anyway, the Lochleven encampment collectively did well at archery, accounting for about 5% of the Eastern points. (60 out of 1200 or so.) This was a definite point of pride, although it was a little disconcerting to realize how few people had actually shot.

As I was wandering around in the afternoon, I saw Kobi being driven off from Chirurgeon's Point; dkapell related the "falling off a Duke" story to me. There was some concern about him getting to the hospital, but I figured (correctly) that someone in Tagmata would give him a ride.

The afternoon class was Picket. This is a classic period game, and I believe the first thing Low Company ever reconstructed. It's a good solid 2-player game, but I am still dithering on one of the reconstruction points. (One phase consists of figuring out the longest straight in your hand. In the modern descendant, Cent, they only count straights in suit, but the primary sources for the period game say nothing about that, so we allow any straight. It makes a huge difference in scoring, though, so I need to revisit my decision here.)

The late afternoon was HALIBUT -- the Holy Annual Lochleven Invitational Bocce Unlimited Tournament. Think of it as Extreme Bocce, and you're not too far off. The entire encampment is fair game, with the caveat that you should not intentionally roll your balls into peoples' tents, and watch for passersby. I managed to win the Singles division in a fine comeback (down 0-4-3 in a three-player game, I took five straight points to win it), and msmemory and I did reasonably well in the mixed doubles.

The evening was Judith's 15th c. Italian Ball. Sadly, there wasn't as much to do there as I might have wished -- there were a lot of dances I didn't know, and most of the ones I did know were too bouncy for my aching legs. (Time to revisit that repertoire, and learn the new dances that are coming in.) But it was pleasant doing the dances I could do, and schmoozing with folks there.

The main activity of Friday was shopping. I finally started to get a few of the things I'd been looking for. On the armor front, I got a rather nice gorget that Duke Ronald recommended to me, and a cheap but more-legal-than-my-old-one helm, which isn't pretty but should suffice as I figure out what I'm actually doing in the lists. I also picked up a new wax tablet, a Big Honking Fan that I wish I'd had for more of the war, and of course, several books.

After that, I wandered over to the dance tent for floor deconstruction. The main problem there was a mild shortage of cordless power drills -- and eventually a more severe shortage of batteries. I decided halfway through to simply wield a screwdriver: not as fast as the power tools, but still a good way to contribute. That was followed by a long and fairly inconclusive discussion of dancing this year, especially the way that the Dance Tent and Barn seem to be evolving away from each other, and what to do about that.

In the evening, msmemory and I wandered up to the top of the B's to visit Ancaster -- this gave us a lovely vantage point from which to watch the heat lightning that was raging in the skies over the next county. The group then wandered over the the Barony of Phoenix' (sp?) annual bardic swap meet that they hold with Bridge. We stayed just a little while, for the business at hand: Steffan taking Elias Gedney as his first Apprentice. (Steffan has had many Pelican Esquires over the years, including both of us, but this was the first time he'd exercised his new Laurel.)

From thence, we wandered very slowly and inefficiently back towards camp, chatting with assorted folks as we met them. We spent a good while at Crook'd Cat, as Ciana indulged in her annual pyromaniac outlet (AFAICT, she loves the last-night bonfire, as they use up as much of the firewood as they can), and sipped some really yummy raspberry mead.

And Saturday was Pack Up and Get Out. Nothing really striking about it, and blessedly no real crises. We got out just in time -- as we were driving up Curry Road, we could see the thunderheads looming, but we were well on the road before they actually hit. The drive home was wholly uneventful, and (so far, at least) the insurance company and rental agency seem to be dealing with the broken window on the van without my intervention...
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