Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Mother of All Headcolds

Eventually, everyone in our cube farm will be down with this -- it seems to have started with one of the people with kids (probably Michael, although I'm not sure), and is gradually spreading amoeba-like across the office day by day. Yesterday, I thought I was just over-tired, but by bedtime I had finally grasped that I was capital-s Sick.

It isn't actually the cold symptoms that are so bad: the sneezing has mostly subsided today, and my good friend Sudafed is keeping my head at least 50% clear for the moment. But the dehydration and exhaustion are just murder: my mouth is always dry no matter how much water I suck down, and I still feel like I only got two hours sleep last night, despite having been in bed for 11 hours.

Ick. I'm going to fight my natural urge to out-stubborn this, and let myself go home as soon as I find myself typing random gibberish into the editor. (As opposed to the well-structured gibberish that constitutes good code.) Lodge gets punted for this month -- fortunately, there's no degree work tonight, so I don't have to feel too guilty. (We're having a Fraternal Visitation by the District Deputy, but that's mostly handshaking and speeches -- there's no actual ritual.)
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