Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


Fascinating: my habit of having a glass of water on my desk, and sipping at it constantly, is stronger than I think.

I'm going in for an endoscopy late this afternoon. (Reflux issues -- they want to make sure nothing's seriously wrong.) This means no food all day, and nothing by mouth after 1pm. The food isn't so hard (although sitting through a lunch meeting with everyone else eating was a little painful). But the cognitive dissonance of not letting myself have a glass of water next to me is almost painful. Only an hour into it, and I already feel parched, and every instinct is insisting that I should be running for the fountain. Almost entirely psychosomatic, but still a very strong effect.

Nice to know that I've trained myself well (it was based on a recommendation for helping to avoid the kidney stones that run in my family), but disconcerting when I have to break that training...
Tags: diary, navel gazing

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