Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Well, that was uncontroversial...

Just got through the endoscopy, which was remarkable mostly for how utterly ordinary the experience was. I've never been under sedation before, so the prospect was a smidgeon daunting. In fact, the only unsettling part of the experience is the absolutely total retrograde amnesia. I don't even rememer waking up -- it just blended smoothly from "okay, we're putting in the sedative" to "okay, we're done", in an apparent span of about two minutes. I would *swear* that I didn't fall asleep, but there's 20-30 missing minutes in the middle there.

(As expected, there's nothing dramatically wrong -- a slight hiatal hernia. Does confirm that I'm going to have to experiment with and modify my eating habits, though. I *will* be cross if I have to swear off chocolate...)

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