Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

It Has Been a Week...

Okay, let's get some of this down before it starts vanishing from my head:

The week started getting interesting last Thursday, when I went out to see the Boston Babydolls show at Axis. 'Twere lots of fun. All of the performances were quite fine, but I'll give the gold star to lakshmi_amman, whose Dance of the Seven Veils version of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" was brilliant. She just seemed to be having so much fun, and the exuberance made the performance shine.

Other than the show, the club was mostly a bit overly loud. I don't mind loud, but I like to be able to hear the tunes through the beat, which we really couldn't here. We spent a fair amount of time ruefully trying to figure out which songs were being mutilated by the mix. I did a bit of dancing, which mostly proved to me that I need better dance shoes.

On Friday, I went to see the Framingham house, as previously noted. Suffice it to say, that's been distracting me ever since.

The weekend was spent down in NJ, at my father's 65th birthday party. I believe I get the entertaining bug from Dad -- this was a serious party, for nearly 40 people. msmemory and I basically became party consultants, reality-checking the plans for subtleties like traffic flow and layout. It was a good time, although it managed to make me feel downright young by comparison with some of the crowd. Excellent food: as always, Dad and Sandy know the best caterers. Wound up spending a fair chunk of the day upstairs on Dad's accountant's computer, helping Mom rip and load her brand-new iPod -- this made a fine break when I couldn't cope with the crowd. (I get my introvertedness from Mom.)

Sunday we drove home via the house. We got there about an hour and a half before we were scheduled to, so we killed the time exploring the area -- figuring out where the restaurants were, how to get places, where the parking was, and so on. A fun wander, followed by another examination of the house. Thence began The Great Dithering.

Monday was the endoscopy, as previously noted.

Wednesday was the Colleges of the Fenway Demo, which went decently. matildalucet and I supplemented the Greenwood Islanders there, which gave us a pretty good number for the table. (Although I did specifically miss having umbran and his chain mail, which topic came up a couple of times. Indeed, I would say that chain has probably been the most asked-about subject throughout this Demo Season.)

Anyway, the Colleges shut down all their dining halls to force students over to the barbeque behind the activity fair, so it was much more bustling this year. We wound up between one of the campus Christian organizations (which was giving away a big bag of swag if you would fill in a detailed form talking about your spiritual life), and Boston Sports Clubs (which was giving away free chair massages in exchange, presumably, for information about your physical life), so we were sort of an oasis of relative calm amidst utter chaos. Only got a modest number of names, but a few of them seem genuinely eager.

And this morning was a strange juxtaposition of two back-to-back dentist appointments, followed by writing up the formal offer for the house. Nothing quite like talking about spending an insane amount of money while half your jaw is completely numb...
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