Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Latest job opening

So we've been talking at work, and a new position is coming open. This is early, but it looks like we're looking for a serious UI Designer. Skill at producing useful user interfaces would be key, as is the ability to explain why these interfaces are the right way to go. (We're not a shy bunch, and upper management is heavily involved in the design process, so this person would need to be able to clearly explain the pros and cons of the various options from a usability standpoint.) This person would probably be the main graphic designer as well, so good skill on the graphics end is essential. They'd spend much/most of their time on the spec side of the world, so would need to have at least a workmanlike ability with text, working with the other folks doing the specs. And having some Flash MX background would be a major plus, since most of our UI is still in Flash. (This has nothing whatsoever to do with Java -- sorry to the Java specialists.)

All of the above is my interpretation of the situation, *not* an official job posting; I don't think the official posting is going to get written before next week at the earliest, and our hiring processes tend not to be swift. But if the above sounds like a good match for you or someone you know, drop me a note and I'll pass it along...

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