October 20th, 2002


An Overabundance of Riches

Sometime, someone has to do a statistical analysis of party and event groupings in my life -- the way things clump can't possibly be natural.

Friday evening was bess and Caera's party, which I'd sort of hoped to get to, but msmemory and I were out for a celebratory dinner. (I'd promised her sushi as soon as I got a new job, so we went and proved that it is indeed possible to eat too much sushi.) And I was starting to come down with a cold Friday, so I was utterly wasted by the time we were done with dinner, so going up to Chelmsford wasn't an option.

Saturday was Jon and its_just_me's party, which I'd also hoped to get to. But it was at the same time as the birthday party for Baroness 'Speth down in Bridge, and given that she's one of our oldest friends and is in our household and it was her 50th, that was clearly the higher priority. Had to punt out of there by 8:30, so we could get home before the by-now-raging-head-cold laid me flat.

And today is the birthday party for Gwydden, my original (and now long since dropped-out) apprentice. I'm going to get to this one, although putting a bunch of extra effort into not coughing on anyone.

Surely this can't be real life. This level of coincidence of timing belongs in a bad comic book...

-- Justin
Whine, bitch, moan, *cough*...
"I'm your all-wise cosmic-type mentor! You can't send me to my room!"
		-- Kent Nelson
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Books, books, books

Project for today: go see if any of the local bookstores have a copy of
The Chicken Qabala of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford. Steve (aka Baron Steffan) was showing this to myself and Gary (aka Baron Algernon, aka Dr. Foo) last night. (Steve and Gary and I are sort of the weird iconoclastic three musketeers of Masonry -- "One for all, and all for good ritual!")

Anyway, the book is truly odd mix -- a moderately detailed look at Qabala, aimed explicitly at the dilletante, explaining all the important bits and giving tips about what you don't really need to worry about. Has a wickedly strange sense of humor, to boot. In short, it's probably my perfect book on the subject.

So while I've got an hour or two, I'm going to go see if one of the local mystical bookstores has a copy, before I break down and just order the silly thing from Amazon...

-- Justin
Expert dilletante
"If someone worships The Great Pumpkin as the architect of the
 universe, can he become a Mason and use the Peanuts collection of
 cartoons as the book of supreme moral guidance?"
		-- Nick Jovanovic
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So this afternoon's project was msmemory and me going to Gwydden's 30th birthday party. His wife, Fiametta (my other original apprentice) decided to do it up as "30 desserts for 30 years". No kidding -- she spent something like two weeks making thirty different desserts, ranging from caramel-filled profiteroles to raspberry curd to pecan pie. Most restaurants don't offer half as good a dessert spread as this party had.

I don't think I want to look at anything involving sugar for at least three days. But a definite yum...

-- Justin
"Oh bother," said the Borg, "We've assimilated Pooh."
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