February 25th, 2003


Friday Five

Okay, I normally don't get around to these. And this one is, of course, terribly late. But having seen it in dagonell's journal, I find myself compelled to fill it out, because it's much more interesting than most...

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How Many of Them...

The upside of getting together and trading music with ladysprite is that I learn lots of cool, addictive songs. The downside of doing so is also that I learn lots of cool, addictive songs.

I've had "March on Cambreth" (by Heather Alexander) running through my head steadily for six hours now. Trying to hum something else doesn't help in the slightest -- Cambreth simply swings a metaphorical axe at the other song and knocks it dead. Evil, evil song.

(Okay, so it's partly my fault for listening to it four times in a row in the car. But it's so much fun! If they ever make a movie about the comic book Slaine, this absolutely has to be the main theme...)