March 14th, 2003


Created Dream Diary

So I was schmoozing with ladysprite the other evening during dance practice, and the subject turned to dreams. I was lamenting the fact that I don't often remember my dreams, and would like to do so more often. Altogether too often, I wake up with the absolute certainty that I've just had a terribly interesting dream, if only I could recall what it was.

Since then, I've been reflecting on the advice from Rick Veitch's fine comic book Rare Bit Fiends, which is basically an extended dream diary. He mentioned there that the only real way to better remember your dreams (and moreover, to achieve the lucid-dreaming state that I find fascinating) is to write them down. With practice, you tend to remember them more and more clearly.

So while I was having a relatively dream-filled time of it last night, I resolved to pin the snippets that I could remember, and keep them in mind enough to be able to write them down. Having done so, I've gone and created a proper dream diary for myself, where I'm going to write up what I remember. It's called bouncing (to reflect my most recurrent theme), and I plan on keeping it up when I can (that is, when I actually remember something well enough to write it). I expect it will be a total soup, going from profound to profoundly trite moment by moment. But if you're curious, feel free to come on over...