September 23rd, 2003


Sometimes, Google is just scarily cool

They apparently added a seriously funky calculator to Google while I wasn't looking. Besides doing all the usual mathematical calculations, it knows about pretty much every kind of unit they could think of. We discovered this at work when one of my co-workers tried typing "how many milliseconds in a day" when he was feeling too lazy to calculate it himself, and it gave him the answer.

Try typing "0x7d3 in roman numerals" (one of their examples) into the Google search bar. Yes, it can do conversions from hexadecimal to roman. Or "2.4 cubits in parsecs". That is so pointlessly neat that it wins major geek points...

Culinary Inefficiency

For those of us who are compulsive noshers, the pomegranate may be the perfect food. I can spend the entire afternoon nibbling continuously, and still manage to get only halfway through one of them. Good vitamins, not enough calories to worry about, and lots of fiber. And they're sweet and tasty. Definitely one of those foods that marks the season, by changing my eating habits...

(Of course, eating them while wearing white pants is seriously playing with fire. But hey, what's life without risk?)