December 8th, 2003


Last Excuse Gone

One more step towards my upcoming New Year's resolution. I've just nailed down the last character in my play. I've had this play brewing, both in my head and on disc, for a good five years now. One minor point has stood in my way: the protagonist's girlfriend had neither personality nor arc, and I can't start really writing until I know who all of these characters are.

And while I was lying in bed just now, I got it -- personality, desires and arc, bundled into one image, as they are wont to be. (Following my favorite dictum of scriptwriting, that you figure out what the character wants first, and the plot will take care of itself from there.)

Which leaves me with no excuses for another of The Great Works -- it's time to get the play started. Which calls, I think, for a posting on the Works...

The Works

So I was reading an entry in chaiya's journal today, in which she does The Meme of Threes. It's a cute little meme, and I might do it myself. But one question in it struck me particularly: "Name three things you want to do before you die".

I've always been a man of Too Damned Many Ideas. Indeed, in recent years I've started to cultivate some skill for talking other people into projects, specifically so that I don't feel like I have to do them myself. But I do have a shortlist list of the projects that I really, deep down, expect to do. They've been building over the years -- four projects that are really of greater scope than the minor projects I take on altogether too readily. I tend to think of them as my Great Works -- the masterpieces that are going to really challenge me in different ways, and which are going to take years to fully realize.

In order from Least Important (and easiest to do) to Most Important (and hardest), they are:

  • Tabula Rasa III -- Alpha and Omega: the conclusion of the Tabula Rasa trilogy, a LARP that has been slowly torturing me for years now.

  • The Players: a full-length Elizabethan comedy that is entirely designed at this point, and now just needs the hard work of filling in two hours of dialogue.

  • The Braid: my vision of a Gibsonian cyberspace -- infinitely scalable and mutable, flexibly social and interactive.
  • And of course,
  • The Mysteries: the creation of the organization I really want to belong to, reworking the best ideas from Masonry into something that stands a chance at better vitality today.

I've talked about the Mysteries a fair amount before, but really haven't talked about the others that I recall. In preparation for getting off my ass and really starting to work on these, I think it's time to rectify that. Over the next few days, I'll describe the other three projects in a little more detail...
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