March 6th, 2004


Comics Quantities

Since cellio inquired, and I got curious, I decided to take stock as I was moving comics over to the new storage unit (mostly but not entirely done).

I have 45 boxes of post-1990 comics in storage, plus 36 boxes of pre-1990 comics in the attic, making a total of 81 longboxes. Figuring an average of around 300 comics per box (a number that I read somewhere, sometime, as the usual average; I don't know if it's accurate), that makes a bit shy of 25 thousand comics. That sounds about right.

That's just standard-sized comics. I also have a dozen or so half-boxes of magazines, which probably adds another thousand or two, but the normal comics make up the bulk of the collection...

Who Killed the Con Chair?

Having just been reminded by alexx_kay of some of the other games I've run at Intercon, I've edited my Ten Year Meme accordingly. I am reminded that, if anyone wants to see just how silly I can get when I'm really pressed, take a read through the home page for Who Killed the Con Chair?, the "con game" that I wrote in a couple of weeks flat for Intercon the Thirteenth...

(Edit: It occurs to me that, in the interests of truth in advertising, I should point out that many of the ideas in this game came from vortexofchaos. He and I spent several very long BS sessions coming up with the concepts, and I then coalesced it together...)