March 31st, 2004


And the Traffic Kept Rolling in From Every Side...

It is disconcerting, slightly distressing but rather amusing to realize that the Manche email list -- the mailing list for a single East Kingdom Order that I happen to be a member of -- is currently running traffic over twice as high as the entire Rialto was when I felt compelled to write Charlie and the SCA.

I remember vividly the way that people used to ask, "How do you have time to read all that?", and it never seemed to be a problem. However, it does seem that infoglut rises to fill one's capacity, no matter how great...

Learning and Memorizing Ritual

It occurs to me that there might possibly be other people interested in this:

About ten years ago, I wrote an essay on how to learn and perform Good Ritual. It's written towards a Masonic audience, but most of its advice is probably applicable to any situation where you're trying to deliver pre-written ritual effectively. It's mostly common sense advice from an actor's perspective, but non-actors might find it useful.

If anyone's interested, Wor. Gary Dryfoos (aka Dr. Foo) has put it into HTML and PDF. Have fun...