April 5th, 2004


The Best Laid Plans Succumb to Poor Programming

Okay, I give up. A few days ago, I declared that The Boxer was the prettiest of the LJ page styles. I still think that's true, but it turns out to be painfully buggy. As cellio pointed out, it has a hardcoded width, and you can't use a percentage of the window width. You can't user the "nc=" link feature successfully because of the way the stylesheet is constructed. It doesn't use pics quite right -- when I view someone's entry in comment mode, their main userpic shows up instead of the entry userpic. And today, for reasons I'm not quite sure of (possibly one of the background parameters I set?), it is *sucking* Mozilla's CPU. Scrolling the page is very slow, and chews the CPU like nobody's business; strangely, this problem seems to be worse the more tabs I have open. (Which makes little sense, but concerns me.)

So be it. I'm going to switch to Tabular Indent: slightly more boring, but it appears to work better. At least, until I get fed up enough to write my own style...

A Real and For True Meme

So editrx is trying to start a meme, in response to the imminent deluge of polls and other such nonsense that are about to hit all of the "battleground" states. MA is totally not such a battleground, but the meme seems worthwhile (and besides, I appreciate seeing a meme that really *is* a meme). In her words:
I want it to be a Big Meme this time. And you, you can help do it. We can start a social experiment. Let's see how far we can get this to go!

Tell the pollsters, when they ask, "If the election was held tomorrow, would you vote for Bush or Kerry?" -- your answer should be "I'd rather vote for a rabid weasel than for Bush."

Do it. Spread the meme. I want to hear it come out of the mouth of a TV newscaster on Fox News or CNN. Or on NPR. Or on Saturday Night Live.
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"Wiggle Dance"

Okay, I seem to have confused a lot of people, so this one deserves an explanation.

More years ago than I care to think about, I created The Letter of Dance, the sort-of-vaguely-regular SCA dance newsletter. When it got around to April, I decided that there should be a proper parody issue, and that tradition has continued to this day. (I just got the latest issue, which has a gloriously awful translation of Contrapasso Nuovo, among other things.)

Anyway, I contributed one or two April articles over time, the best of which was Rudiments of Ballo Dimenio in the Late 20th Century. "Ballo Dimenio" is Italian for "wiggle dance", which was the best term I could find to describe typical modern American dance. I'm quite fond of the activity, but after spending an afternoon carefully watching Club MTV as research for this article, my view of it will be forever silly...