April 7th, 2004


Three Disturbances

I've received three pointers this morning, each of them disturbing in a different way. Three being one of Those Numbers, it seems worthwhile to pass them on. In order of receipt:

In the sca community, reasdream posted a link to an article about the British understanding of history: a poll illustrating just how badly confused people are about what did and didn't actually happen, apparently as a result of the media treatment of history. I'm not surprised by the number of fictions that people believe did happen; I'm rather more disturbed, though, by the number of historical events that many people think didn't. It's a fine illustration of the sad state of critical thinking in modern society: many people just don't have the tools to understand what's real and what isn't.

siderea passed along a deeper and more interesting article on the relationship of religion and politics. As she says, it's a fairly long article, and deserves to be read carefully and thoughtfully. Frankly, I find it comforting to know that there are conservatives out there who are serious about the subject of religion, and just as bothered by this cynical mixing as I am.

And just to remind me that one can be disturbed in ways that are far less intellectual, laurion put up a simple pointer to one of the creepiest bits of geek humor I've seen in quite a while: instructions for Installing Linux on a Dead Badger. Yes, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like...

What Do I Believe? (Long)

So I've had this posting lurking in the back of my mind for a month or two, ever since siderea's excellent series of observations about how religion manifests in our realspace culture, and on LJ. Taking one key point from a long and cogent examination, she argued that LJ is a better outlet for discussion of the subject than the realspace culture most of us live in.

That got me thinking about exactly what I believe. I'm fairly hard to pigeonhole, aside from the vague-to-the-point-of-useless term "seeker". But I do actually have several personal non-falsifiable dogmae, existing on different psychological levels. It's interesting to tease those apart and see those levels.

(I confess, I'm also curious about others. Out of somewhere around 70 real people on my friends list, I doubt I know anything about the religious leanings of more than a third of them, and even among that third I often don't know more detail than the one-word descriptor -- I don't know depth of feeling, intellectual vs. gut feelings, and so on. So I invite others to chat on the subject if they are interested in doing so.)

Anyway, here are my own, rather eclectic and inconsistent religious views:

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