July 6th, 2004


Okay, let's sheepishly follow the meme...

I am a member of 1 clique of size 11

jducoeur, msmemory, tpau, learnedax, siderea, cristovau, alexx_kay, ladysprite, asdr83, dreda, shprintzah

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No surprise here -- it's the same order-11 clique that siderea had wound up with. And oddly, while I've seen many order-10 cliques (and been in an astonishing number of them), I've seen very few order-11 and no order-12 ones so far. (Although the original posting claims that they've found one of order-57. Now *that* is a tight-knit group!)

I feel like such a meme whore...

But since it's relatively interesting, let's take the plunge:

My Best Friend is mikekn
Our 7 common interests are: comic books, fantasy, gaming, historical games, sca, science fiction, society for creative anachronism
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Hmm. "Best friend" really is a poor choice of terms here -- while mikekn is definitely a friend, there are lots of others on the list below who are much closer. That said, I'm really not the slightest bit surprised that he comes up top on the match. (For those who don't know him, he's the most prominent gamester down in the southern part of the Kingdom and runs the Games Tent at Pennsic. And he's the current Kingdom Historian, having basically picked up where msmemory left off...)

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Okay, I like the approach...

Just one link today: ACT (Americans Coming Together). (Thanks to siderea for the link.) This is a political project with a rather good attitude: instead of being focused on buying airtime, they're trying to get people on the ground knocking on doors in the battleground states, and actually promoting person-to-person communication. It's much closer, IMO, to the way American politics is supposed to work, than the TV-blitz approach so favored today.

Note that it's unabashedly "progressive", for which one must presumably read Democratic. But their principal focus for now seems to be getting Bush out of office, which I regard as a positive good from any angle. (The Republican in me wants him out in hopes that that party might start moving towards sanity again, so I have some political options.)

Worthwhile idea. I've tossed them some money, and need to think about finding some time to wander north to one of the relevant states to help out...