September 28th, 2004



I despise missing work for Indeterminate Symptoms, but it seems to be the thing to do today. I've got an annoying basket of complaints right now: grogginess, stuffed up head, mild chills, queasiness, headache, unsteadiness on my feet, etc. Fortunately, there's no fever, so it probably isn't flu. I'm going to optimistically figure that it's the intersection of exhaustion, a mild headcold, allergies, sinus problems due to the storm, and an excess of Starbucks on an empty stomach.

Hopefully curling up at home will make it go away...

ProWiki Updates

So while I'm home and too tired to do anything really important, I've uploaded my updates to ProWiki, and fixed up the documentation. At this point, it's actually getting close to stable in terms of features -- it now has everything that I've been saying "I really need to deal with that" about.

The new version (0.3) can be found at the ProWiki homepage, and the tutorials have been updated. (In particular, the section on queries has been heavily rewritten.)

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