January 10th, 2005


Job Openings for Writers at Convoq

A couple more openings here, for non-programmers this time.

The first opening is for a Support person, with a bit of Sales as well. This person would be responsible for a bunch of frontline support: dealing with customer problems on a day-to-day basis. They'd also be responsible for running regular online demos of the product, and dealing with some sales opportunities that come our way. So we are looking for strong communication skills here: not a cold-call specialist, but someone who talks and writes clearly and is good with customers. Writing skill is particularly emphasized: this job demands a strong cover letter, or the resume won't even be read.

The second opening (not on the website yet) is looking for approximately a junior version of cellio, for those that know her. We're looking for someone who will be in charge of all of our functional specs. This person would be responsible for taking the often-fuzzy ideas coming out of management, and working with the lead designer and the engineers to turn those requirements into something we can actually build. The job doesn't call for programming experience per se, but requires a very rigorous bent of mind, enough technical savvy to be able to thoroughly grasp the product from the user's POV, excellent writing skills and the ability to synthesize the conflicting demands of a bunch of *very* strong personalities into specs that actually make sense. I suspect that it's a very good opportunity for the right person, a chance for someone fairly junior to get their hands deeply into the heart of the company and help drive where things go. But it's not for the faint of heart or easily frustrated.

The first position is up on our website. The second isn't -- if it sounds interesting, tell me and I'll pry more details out of my boss...