February 20th, 2005


Winter Vacation

Okay -- msmemory and I are home again, so it's time and then some for a diary entry.

This past week, we've been down on Sanibel Island, off the gulf coast of Florida. It was a trip entirely unlike any we've had before: relatively spontaneous, unplanned, and genuinely relaxed. I think we need to do this a little more often.

The trip happened because my Dad decided to spend several weeks on Sanibel this year, and leaned on the kids to come visit. He got my stepbrother for a week, my stepsister for several days, and the two of us for the final week. So unlike our usual vacations, planned two years in advance, this one was done with just a few weeks' notice. And because we'd been so busy for the previous couple of months, we went into it having made no plans whatsoever of what we were going to do.
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So -- home again, home again, jiggety jig. A little more relaxed, which we definitely needed. We're going to have to re-examine how we treat vacations: while we enjoy going places that are exciting and cool, I think we need to do nothing a bit more often...