February 22nd, 2005


Reasons Why Monopolies Are Bad, #82

Every time I am tempted to point out that Microsoft does sometimes get things right, they come along and prove just how very wrong they can sometimes get it.

I just tried to log into Windows Messenger. It informed me that there was a new update, which I would have to accept in order to proceed. Okay, saith I, this is fairly normal, so I press okay. It clicks, whirrs and hums as I keep working.

And then it reboots my machine. No asking of permission, no warning -- it simply shuts down all of my programs and reboots.

I ask myself whether these people have any conception of good UI engineering, and I'm forced to conclude that they probably do. They just don't care. They don't have to -- they're Microsoft, and they go where they want to today.

(Yes, yes -- I hear all of the Apple mavins snickering into their sleeves. We'll take the sermon as read, okay?)