May 18th, 2005


Another month, another job posting

So -- having utterly failed to find a really good database programmer (we were looking for someone with serious programming chops who also has a deep understanding of databases), we've changed tack and are instead looking for a solid server programmer who can take some of the load from the dev team in general.

Here's the broad strokes. We're ideally looking for someone mid-level (around five years experience) -- a more junior engineer is possible, but they'd have to really knock our socks off. We aren't looking for anyone really senior -- at this point, we're already a bit top-heavy. The work would be C#-centric, so we require C# or at least Java experience. (And a willingness to work in a Microsoft-heavy environment.) A solid grounding in essential server concepts like multi-threading and performance is critical, as are really strong object-oriented programming skills. Database experience is a plus, as are Flash and ASP.NET -- none are crucial, but all would be very useful in various parts of the system.

The job is loosely defined at this point -- like I said, we're looking for someone who can shoulder *some* parts of the load, but we're being deliberately open about which parts. Our system is exceptionally complex, with a large and heterogeneous environment, and I suspect that the best person would be someone who likes being a generalist, and can pick up new technologies quickly -- most of our team has their fingers in several different pies.

Anyway, if you think this description fits you, and you're interested, drop me a note (mwaks _at_ Convoq). We're working up the formal req now; I expect it to be ready shortly. This will probably not appear on the job boards like Monster, because we've usually gotten drowned in unqualified applicants when we put things up there. So if you know someone who you think would be a really good fit, toss them my way...