June 2nd, 2005


eBay lunacy hits a new height

Thanks to Peter David for pointing out this one.

I can barely -- just barely -- understand the mindset of the people who are paying thousands of dollars for foodstuffs that have, say, a theoretical image of something that might kind of look like the Virgin Mary on a bad veil day if you squint really hard and say "Ah DO believe!" loudly a hundred times. That's religious, after all, and I can grasp why people get that attached to it. And I can understand the fannish mindset of paying a lot of money for some one-of-a-kind item from a show that one really loves. (Having myself paid rather too much for that Foundation Imaging jacket I wear at this time of year.)

But this sets a new highwater mark for fanatical goofiness. It's a piece of toast, with the Evil Numbers from the show LOST "mysteriously" toasted into it. And it's currently at over five grand, in a furious bidding war. I'm really curious whether any of these people are serious...