June 15th, 2005


jducoeur.org is half-down for the time being

Grr. I don't completely mind HostCentric moving to a new hosting system (the existing one was clunky by modern standards), but they could have given me more notice that the new model was going to break all my Perl scripts. And now I can't seem to SSH into my system. I'm going to be very cross (and looking for a new ISP) if I discover that they've removed login access to the websites...


Obviously, I'm not at dance practice right now. Yesterday, I was able to tell myself, "Oh, I haven't been sleeping well, and these cold symptoms are just because I'm exhausted." But having gotten at least some sleep last night, I'm forced to admit that no -- this really *is* a bad cold, presumably brought on by the selfsame exhaustion. I'm only feeling half-bad, but I sound like death warmed over and don't particularly want to cough on anyone at the moment.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good time, and see y'all anon...