July 8th, 2005


GNE: Come learn some new games!

There -- games reconstructed, handout written. Okay, now I feel like I'm prepared for next weekend.

If you're going to be at GNE, and like games, I encourage you to come check out Some 13th Century Games Within the Tables (or whatever the name is I put on the program), which I'll be teaching there. I'll be covering five different games within the tables -- what we would call Backgammon variants today -- chosen as a representative sample of the kinds of variations found in the Alfonso MS. They're all distinctly in the same family (so they should be pretty easy and quick to learn), but each has some distinctive quirks.

I expect it to take 20-30 minutes to run through how to play the various games. After that, we'll pair off and try some of them out -- these are brand new reconstructions, and I haven't even played the games myself yet. If you have a backgammon set handy, bring it along to play with. (I'll have enough paper boards for everyone, but real backgammon sets are more fun to use.)

And if you aren't going to be at GNE, but will be at Pennsic, there will be another chance: I'll be teaching the same class there, in the Games Tent...