September 3rd, 2005


Pennsic Court Pictures

I've just spent the past hour getting the pictures in our camera organized, for the first time in a long time. As part of that, I've uploaded a few choice shots from Pennsic. All are of court business. I've split them into two galleries. One is of Lakshmi's Laurel. We've got a few pictures from each stage of it -- the sending to vigil, the vigil itself, and the ceremony. The second is Pennsic XXXIV Misc, basically the other awards I or friends have some reason to care about: Safiya's AoA, Rosa's Troubadour, mknauer's Manche, and Anne's Laurel.

Folks should feel free to grab pictures as they like. I'm leaving them up indefinitely, but can't promise they'll be there forever.

Some of those shots are good, others less so -- we don't use a flash, so getting clear shots in the barn is very hard. I tried to pick the best shots we got. In most cases, there are more, if you want the full blurry mess -- talk to us offline for other shots, and we can arrange to burn a CD. We also have some shots for some other awards (especially the other Peerages); if someone wants those, talk to us.