October 14th, 2005


Livejournal email seems to be getting wonky

Have other people been having trouble getting emailed replies to their journal entries? I just noticed that I missed several replies to my multithreading survey a few days ago, because they didn't kick out emails. Rather annoying: I'm used to this being at least *reasonably* reliable, and my LJ habits are tuned for it...

It is Not Good when...

... the water bubbler is making continuous bubbling noises. It is worse when it is getting so hot that the entire five-gallon water bottle feels quite warm to the touch.

(Best I can guess, the new bubbler that we got this morning has a defective thermostat, which turned the water heater on full and left it there. Time to get *another* one on Monday. In the meantime, I drink Perrier today...)

Observations from the current issue of Previews

(Previews is the comic-book catalog from Diamond; basically, it's how I tell my pusher what to get for me. The following is assorted comics geeking.)

The new book Hyper-Actives (what a delicious name for a teen superhero team) features a protogonist whose code name is "Silverwing". Gads, it's frightening to even think about what powers a House Silverwing superhero might have. "Exhausting Super Wind". "Infinite Viewpoints Vision". Mightier than a Bad Royal Idea, able to leap tall Law Codes in a single bound. Etc.

What is it with Oz right now? I think there are at least five different adaptations coming out at the moment, from the literal to the whimsical to the just plain weird. This month adds yet another straight graphic adaptation of the first book, apparently aimed at kids. (Some of the deconstructions coming out right now are not particularly kid-friendly. Two pages away is "OzF5: Gale Force", whose cover features Dorothy with a BFG.) And it seems to be spreading -- this month features the beginning of "Hatter M", which seems to be a dark Victorian fantasy where the Mad Hatter gets reinterpreted as some sort of Jack the Ripper character.

(Hmm. It does sound like the time may be ripe for another re-run of Future of Oz. Worth sticking in my back pocket as a not *too* hard project for some con.)

The Legend of Isis has a comic book out. How much of the comic book market was even alive when Isis was on TV? Heck, how many of them have even heard of it? I can only assume that the nostalgia market for people my age is getting ever stronger.

Hmm. There's a new comic out called Serenity that has nothing whatsoever to do with Firefly. It's clear from the cover that that's the case, but have to watch for confusion on that score. (This one looks to be a Christian pseudo-manga aimed at teenage girls.)

Victoria's Secret Service. Nuff said. (Well, except for betting that all four variant covers involve some sort of bondage themes.)

Oh, right, a recommendation: Action Philosophers is a real hoot, if you're looking for something at the intersection of thoughtful and humorous. It consists of brief accounts of the lives and work of major philosophers in world history, told with pretty good accuracy but a tone that can mildly be called irreverent. Consistently amusing, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. I recently read their account of "This is a SAINT?!?" Augustine...

Preview coming out for a Buckaroo Banzai comic, which purports to be by Mac Rauch among others. I'm not actually sure this is a good idea, but I'm definitely curious.

After all these years, Titan is publishing a collection of Peter David's Star Trek comics. These were interesting on a number of fronts, not least in that he is the only person who actually recognizes that the Star Trek cartoon series even existed. (Well, okay -- everyone acknowledges that the episode Yesteryear is canon. But Peter's the only writer who uses M'Ress and Arex, the two most alien crewmembers the Enterprise ever had.)