February 2nd, 2006


Meditation through gaming

Interesting. For the past couple of weeks I've been DDR'ing every morning, as a way to get my blood moving. It's not really surprising that that's improved my mood markedly -- the endorphin thing is well-documented. What's less obvious, though, is that it's been helping as a sort of high-energy meditation tool.

Several people (not least, my therapist) have noted that one of my key problems is a tendency to think too much -- my great sin is dwelling pointlessly. I'll muse and ponder before doing anything; that tends to lead to indecision and paralysis, and makes me cranky. The DDR seems to help with that: you just *can't* spend much time thinking while you're playing, or you don't get anywhere. The only way to do well at the game is to throw not just your body but your brain into it. (Yes, really. Beyond the most basic levels, you need to spend most of your time strategizing where your feet are going next.) That seems to be very useful "brain downtime".

I'm curious: how much do people observe this while gaming? I haven't encountered it much before mostly because I don't tend towards twitch games, but I would suspect that it's true of most high-speed games of all sorts, where you simply don't have the time to ponder other things...
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