March 23rd, 2006


Amazing historical goody

Thanks to sca_today, which posted a link to this page from Mistress Therasia von Tux. After the introductions there, you'll find some very long scans of the original court scroll from 12th Night in 1968. (Be warned: it takes a long time to download.)

This is an amazing historical artifact, because this scroll represents the original establishment of many of the Society's deepest traditions: it creates the Order of Chivalry (both the Knights and Masters); it creates the concept of Dukes and Ducal Prerogative; it creates the Order of the Laurel; and it establishes many key customs, including the regalia of these ranks, titles, and a few customs that have fallen by the wayside (like the ability of Dukes to make a Knight, and the taking a new name upon Knighting).

It was certainly the most important court in SCA history -- until now, I had no idea that it had been so completely scripted, and that the script was so intact. Well worth the time to read through, and many thanks to Tux for putting it up online!