June 28th, 2006


Poll about Powerpoint

We're having a discussion at work that has raised the question of how much Powerpoint is really used in the general population. Some have argued that a fair number of people are picking it up for personal use. I find myself a bit skeptical, so let's gather at least some anecdotal data.

Please take a second to fill in the following; even if you don't use the program at all, there's a checkbox down there for you. My flist is self-selecting, but it's also pretty tech-savvy, and it would be useful to at least get a sounding from this community. Thanks!

Poll #757993 Powerpoint Usage

Which of the following are true for you?

I'm pretty experienced with Powerpoint.
I've used it, but I don't consider myself an expert.
I use (or have used) Powerpoint at work.
I use (or have used) Powerpoint for personal/club purposes.
I think Powerpoint is great for doing presentations.
I think Powerpoint's adequate but annoying.
Powerpoint is the spawn of Satan, and the less I have to use it, the better.
I personally own a copy of Powerpoint.
I haven't used Powerpoint, so the rest of this isn't really applicable.
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