October 29th, 2006


Failure of Clue

Y'know, the most irritating thing about Kerry Healey is that she *still* isn't getting it. Slammed to the mat for all of her negative ads, she's switched tone to what I think she sincerely *believes* is a positive ad campaign. But she just can't do it. She's toned it down to merely subtle potshots instead of outrageous ones, but she seems incapable of talking for more than a minute or two without taking them.

It's like the person who, when asked to apologize, comes out with, "I'm really sorry that you feel that way". Not so much a conscious refusal to get the point, so much as an ingrained inability to see what the point is...

Remnants of the Wind

We came home from cvirtue's waffle party at about 3pm, and found a police car blocking entry to Freeport Ave, because a power pole across the street from us was tilting at a distinctly unnatural angle towards our yard. It's now 11:30pm, and there is still a mob of NStar trucks packed on the street, trying to do something about it without either cutting the power or doing damage to anybody's property.

No real danger to us -- even if the thing came down, I don't think it would do worse than take out one of our small trees. But man, I feel for the people whose property the pole is actually on: they're not getting a quiet evening...