November 13th, 2006


Postscript on Why I'm Not Using Dreamweaver

Do you remember, a month or so ago, when I was grousing about how horrifically bad the website for the Adobe MAX conference was? I had let that slide once the conference started, because the show itself was really quite well-organized and a lot of fun. So I figured they were just having an off day.

Well, today I got a followup email from Adobe, asking me to take a brief survey on what I thought of the conference. Great, think I: a chance to point out the flaws in the website. Yeah, nice theory. The link to the survey page takes me to a blank screen, and then hangs. It's not temporary, either -- I've tried twice, several hours apart.

These folks really need to learn that this isn't exactly a good advertisement for their tools. I mean, my principal reaction is that I want to learn what Adobe systems they used to build this site, and then *never* use those systems. Rarely have I seen a nominally professional website that was so hosed...

The truest delight of autumn

Ahhh -- there we go. When the bottom of the bottle is so rounded that it doesn't quite stand up any more; when the cap damn near pops off when you pull off the pull-ring; when you pour it and get a head worthy of the finest stout; all of these are signs that the cider is ready to drink. Mmmm...