January 17th, 2007


Languages as buzzwords

Salesforce.com is previewing their new Apex system: it's essentially a programming language that lets you create apps that run server-side, instead of doing everything through their (capable but slow) SOAP APIs.

They've been hyping it for six months, and one thing is consistent in the hype: they call it "Java-like". I'm sorry, but calling something "Java-like" when it doesn't have *classes* is like me calling my morning water "coffee-like". Yes, it's in the same category; yes, you use it somewhat similarly. But it kind of misses the point...

Name some good technology feeds

As I gradually adjust to life as an official "Systems Architect", I've decided that keeping up with the tech news is now really part of my job, not just a sideline. But there's so much of it out there that it's easy to drown in it, and never get any work done.

So I'm looking for input: what are the blogs and other news sources I *should* be reading? My interests and needs here are pretty broad: technology advances, major business news, tech and culture -- all of that as it relates to the online world, especially the realtime side of it. Stuff relating to identity management is a plus. Conciseness is crucial, since I can't spend a lot of time on this each day. RSS feeds are essential: I'm aggregating this into my Google Desktop and reading it that way each morning, skimming the headlines and diving into the more interesting articles.

So what are you following? I've got about 15 or so reasonably good feeds so far (a surprising number of them from ZDNet, which turns out to have a bunch of good tech-focused bloggers), but there's room to improve the mix...

And another...

Is it just me, or are we seeing something like ten times as many death notices within the SCA this year than ever before?

I'm not sure there's anything surprising here: it could easily be simply a factor of the SCA gradually aging, or that it has implicitly become more socially acceptable to post these brief obits on the worldwide forums. But it's a tad unnerving...

Six Years Meme

I don't do most memes, because they don't say anything interesting. But the self-reflective ones can be fun. And now that a few other people have jogged my memory about What Happened When, this is a little more feasible:
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