February 17th, 2007


The danger of too many character sheets

Or, more precisely, the danger of trying to write the character sheets at least loosely in each character's voice. After spending all of last weekend writing the Jaegermonsters, I now keep having to stop myself from writing "Vulfenbach" every time I come to the Baron's name...

Get me off this crazy thing!

Here's a question for the DDR experts (specifically DDR Max 2) in the audience:

I just unlocked Endless Mode (having decided that, to keep my stress levels down, I'd better get some exercise between characters). It's a lot of fun, especially once I turn off regulation and configure it to my taste -- it's great for exercising.

But the problem is, I'm sort of in-between skill levels. I've mostly beaten Light Mode: there are one or two songs that are still kicking my butt, but I'm getting As and Bs on most of them. I'm still very much *enjoying* Light: while I'm doing it well, I'm not yet at the point of being bored with it and needing to move up to Standard. So in Endless Mode, I can pretty much just keep going indefinitely in Light Mode.

The problem is, I don't have endless *time*. I usually have 30-45 minutes to exercise, and then I need to stop and get to work. What I would *like* to do is stop and save at the rest break; failing that, I'd like to say, "Okay, enough: take my score and call this a game". But there's no apparent way to do that, short of just letting myself die on the next song. (Or turning off the machine, and simply not keeping my score, which is a valid but annoying option.)

Any suggestions? Is there a way in Endless Mode to say, "Game Voluntarily Over"? I'll survive if not, but it's a mild pity...

The Second Coming of George

So I flipped on the TV for a bit while grabbing a bite of dinner, and here's a special: "Sarah Silverman/Jesus Is Magic". And my reaction is absolutely clear: George Carlin has been reincarnated as a pretty brunette. It's a *very* odd juxtaposition...

Well, that should be good for business...

A nice segment tonight on the channel 7 news, on the Boston Burlesque Expo, including an interview segment with Scratch in an incongruously white suit. It was really the main human-interest segment for the night, with two teasers and a very sympathetic presentation, so I suspect it'll bring in some extra people tomorrow.

(We're watching the 10pm showing on channel 12. If anyone reads this before 11pm and wants to see it, I suspect it'll re-air on channel 7 then...)