June 18th, 2007


The Next Big Letter

It seems like one characteristic of the Internet Age is The Rise of The Prefix (Or Suffix). At the height of the bubble, everything was ".com", as marketing goons failed to understand that naming your company after your TLD didn't particularly distinguish you. Then there was The Long Reign of The E-Companies. The past year or two, everything was iThingy, as the world fell prostrate at Steve Jobs' feet, concluding that, obviously, the magic "i" prefix was the source of his success. And this year, everything seems to be coming up J's, as Joost, Jajah, Jangle and Just about everybody else tries to leverage this poor underused letter.

So okay, let's open the betting pool. What next?
Poll #1005295 Lettering Lemmings

What do you think is next going to catch the weak imaginations of marketing departments everywhere?

F, in reaction to government crackdowns on foul language.
Z. Nobody'll else will ever think of using Z.
.xxx suffix -- hey, it's a great way to drive traffic to the site.
$ -- at least it's honest.
3: if numbers can work for 37signals, why not for us?
Other (leave a comment).