July 6th, 2007


An Open Letter to Sen. Schumer's Mail Readers

[Written in response to one too many "drum up the troops" anti-Republican spams from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, sent to the email address I originally used for the ACT for Victory campaign:]

Dear sirs (I'm not under any illusions that Sen. Schumer is actually going to see this),

Look -- just because I intensely dislike the current Republican administration does *not* mean that I'm uncritically on your side, either. This sort of factional fighting -- the sense that I have to be specifically on one side or the other -- is what I perceive as the real poison at the heart of modern American politics. So I'm actually kind of dismayed to see you putting things so blatantly in those terms: it gives me a sense that you're not interested in fixing the heart of the problem. I don't want to see the Democrats seize control away from the Republicans: I want to see both sides grow up and start governing again, instead of playing these pissing games.

So please take my email address ([redacted]) off of your list. I'm pretty annoyed that you took my donation to one good cause as an excuse for spamming me in the name of another; hitting me with this kind of factional argument does nothing to inspire me to donate again...