September 4th, 2007


eBook Update: Charles Fort

A quirky new book online, which might interest some folks here: The Book of the Damned, by Charles Fort. Fort is famous as the inspiration for the Fortean Times and such -- the original tracker of Weird Phenomena and arguably the patron saint of the Weekly World News.

The book is -- curious. In my quick skim, it reads like nothing quite so much as a precursor to the Subgenius-style rant, with more or less factual reports interspersed with musings that are a little too polite and civilized to quite be called "rants", but clearly a close cousin to the modern vari-fonted online rant page, full of paragraphs composed of nothing but sentence fragments. Entertaining to flip through, but I can't quite imagine reading it...

Just one tangential note on the Principality thing...

So as has been noted in some other LJs, there is some talk about a possible Northern Principality. Again. Last night the topic got brought to Carolingian Council, to sound it out, and I was all prepared to marshal all the well-worn arguments and go through the whole bloody fight again.

And in the end, it was a total anticlimax. AFAICT, everyone present was in agreement: everyone thought it was a lovely idea, and Carolingia shouldn't be involved. Mind, this is still Council, so we still spent a good ten minutes or so talking about it, but there was no actual argument, and I wound up having very little that needed saying.

All in all, it was pleasant, but startling. Sometimes, we *do* seem to learn...