October 4th, 2007


Don't... need... another... hobby...

... but man, this mosaic-making shop is really tempting. I've actually got a specific use for a portable mosaic (my lodge room, like most, doesn't actually have a representation of the floor of King Solomon's Temple, which always annoys the heck out of me when I'm doing the first degree, and a portable mosaic would be ideal for the purpose), and it does look like a craft I might actually be able to be decent at...

Berlin Orchards

A stray thought, in the midst of the current hecticness at work:

I know that a bunch of folks from the Camelot project are at least loosely following my LJ. I urge you, sometime in the next few weeks, to find some time to get out to Berlin Orchards, home of some of the best apples around. I was there this past weekend, as part of ladysprite's annual outing there, and was reminded of how lovely it is. It's a huge orchard, with a whole bunch of different varieties of really great apples, and perhaps the most perfect apple cider donuts in the world. Her outing is how I recommend doing it -- get a bunch of friends together, buy several bags for pick-your-own, and go wander. Taste some varieties right off the tree, and bring home a bag to cook with and nosh on for a few weeks. (And don't miss the Golden Supremes, way down in the back right corner.)

It's a fine afternoon out, and it's right down the road from the Camelot site. If you can spare a couple of hours, now is the time of year to get to know those particular neighbors...

Private Entries?

For a project I'm doing, it occurred to me that a quick poll might be useful. Could you take a second to answer the following? Thanks!

Poll #1066016 Are Private Entries Useful?

LiveJournal has a concept of "private entries", which are the extreme of friends-locking: entries that *only* you can see, and nobody else can. While I can kind of understand the desire for totally private diary entries, I've personally never found it useful. So I'm curious -- how often have *you* used private entries?


Facebook Users?

Yeah, yeah, I know -- you don't have to tell me that LJ is better. Suffice it to say, though, it would be useful for me to build up a bit more of a network over on Facebook, so I can understand how it really works a bit better, and I may as well start with the people who I know are interesting. So if you *are* over on That Other Social Network, I'd be interested in friending you. You can find me by searching for my name -- I am, rather astonishingly, *not* the only "Mark Waks" there, but I'm the only one whose picture matches my LJ icon (my device)...