February 19th, 2008


Looking for a lawyer and an accountant

[Happy birthday to mermaidlady!]

So far, I've mostly been focused on the code for the CommYou project. I can honestly say that that's because it's the critical path: I've got at least 40 stories to code up before I can consider this ready to roll publically, and that's at least several months worth of effort. But it's also because it's the fun bit -- programming is my art, and this is being a hoot. And to be honest, it's the bit I can do mostly by myself.

However, I can't entirely neglect the unfun bits, and that includes incorporation. It makes no sense for me to run this thing as a sole proprietorship: from liability to exit strategy, the rational thing to do is to set it up as a corporation of some flavor. And that's something I *can't* do myself.

So -- I need a lawyer, and an accountant, and I'm looking for recommendations. In both cases, I'm looking for someone who specifically has experience with small but incorporated businesses, and knows the ins and outs of the incorporation process, so they can give me pointers on what I need to do. If they are also good with personal law/finance, that's gravy: we still haven't gotten around to selecting a personal lawyer or accountant, although we have some previous recommendations on those points. Someone who can deal with both sides would be convenient, but someone who is quite good with the corporate part is essential.

Obviously, I'm looking for someone in the Boston area. Northern or western 'burbs would be a plus, but not strictly required. In this particular case, I'm looking for personal recommendations, at least secondhand ones -- we can and probably will take a poke around Angie's List and other such resources, but we value personal recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any leads you might have...