June 12th, 2008


CommYou 0.1.7 released

Instead of posting the detailed release notes here, just the high concepts:

This was the "textual self-expression" release. Up until now, CommYou was cutting all HTML off at the knees, for safety reasons. Now, it's whitelisting a lot of the basic HTML tags. It's not *quite* up to LJ's level yet, mostly in that it only allows very simple forms of those tags, but it's probably enough for 99% of actual use. So things will stop being quite so plain-looking.

Also: it now includes a simple wikitext engine. There are a bunch of very common idioms that I've always wished were a little easier to simply type, being a text-focused kind of guy. So a lot of the common things like bold, strikethrough, quoting, links and lists now have reasonably intuitive wikitext versions. (For example, doing *this* would render "this" as bold: this.)

Eventually I'll probably implement a WYSIWYG editor, for those who prefer that. But this release should help a lot...

Not filling me with confidence...

Within half-an-hour, I see:

* An ad in Previews for the action figures based on the Watchmen movie. Nite-Owl is buff. Doctor Manhattan is wearing a suit.
* A TV ad for the Wanted movie. The voice-over? "Kill one, to save a thousand."

I confess, I am getting worried that we are about to see some extended exercises in Missing The Point...