August 22nd, 2008


Fun Home, cheap

In her blog, Alison Bechdel was quietly lamenting the fact that her Pulitzer-winning graphic novel Fun Home has finally landed on the remainder shelves. Which is sad, but it's also an opportunity: y'all can find it cheap at Daedalus Books Online. If you haven't read it, I strongly commend it: it's a powerful coming-of-age memoir, well worth the read...
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Henry Jenkins on Obama, McCain, and "fandom"

For those who don't already follow his blog: Henry Jenkins is a prof at MIT, and one of the more interesting and insightful thinkers about popular culture and how it works. Today's article is typical of his work, providing a rather unusual viewpoint of how the recent McCain pokes at Obama are all grounded in an underlying American suspicion of enthusiasm and "fandom".

It's a long read, but interesting stuff, worth taking a dig through. If you like it, Henry's blog is generally recommended, and can be found in LJ as henry_jenkins. But be warned: this is a very normal length for him, and he posts most days...
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Sorry, Jedi...

... yes, you're a very cute cat. And I know that sadism towards mice is programmed into your genes. But the combination of your growls at your sister when she tries to play, plus the plaintive squeaks of that poor mouse every time you let it out of your jaws to bat it around, doesn't sit well with Daddy.

Fortunately, Jedi isn't quite smart enough to twig that, when I cover the mouse with a box, then slide cardboard under the box and lift it all up, there is nothing miraculous about the vanishing mouse. They spent the next fifteen minutes sniffing all over, trying to figure out where it had gotten to, while I slipped outside and let the thing escape there. I don't know that its chances are any better outside, but at least I don't have to listen to the intermittent squeaks for an hour as it gets fatally played-with...