November 30th, 2008


LPs, anyone?

One of our projects for this weekend was going through the record collection and breaking it down into four roughly equal piles: Get Rid Of It, Think About It, Replace It and Over My Dead Body. Having put the latter away, it's time to start figuring out how we're going to dispose of the rest.

So, a few questions. First, is anybody here actually still keeping / acquiring old LPs? They're an extremely mixed bag: besides the usual 70s and 80s pop and rock, there's a bunch of classical (and a little period), a modest amount of folk, and assorted eclectica ranging from Firesign Theater to Wendy Carlos to the Berrymans. Most of what we're getting rid of can at least theoretically be obtained on CD -- we're tending to keep the albums that are genuinely irreplaceable, but we're not spending a lot of effort trying to figure out whether particular classical/early recordings exist on CD. I can produce an index if anybody's seriously interested, but probably won't bother otherwise.

Second, any recommendations of what to do with these? I'm assuming that a few of them are worth a bit of money, but most aren't terribly rare. My initial guess is to try Freecycle, but if anybody knows any good stores that are still interested in record collections that aren't entirely trite, we might check them out...

PSA: Wikipedia Pledge Season

FYI, Wikipedia is on what seems to be turning into an annual fundraising drive. I recommend considering it: while it isn't crucial for everyone, it's certainly becoming an important tool for me, one that I use most days to research one topic or another. So I think of it as shareware -- it's well worth tossing them some money each year for operating expenses. If you use it regularly, give it some thought...