February 6th, 2009


Workspace pros and cons

I've spent most of this week working upstairs in the living room, rather than in my "office" downstairs. The plusses and minuses:

- It's less ergonomic in many ways, since I'm using the raw laptop rather than my docking station with the better keyboard and mouse, and sitting in my easy chair instead of the properly configured work chair.
+ I'm sitting in my easy chair, which doesn't suck.
- It's less energy-efficient, due to the zoning of the house: I wind up turning up the heat for the entire upstairs a bit.
+ OTOH, it's much warmer than my so-far-mostly-failed attempts to heat just the office.
- I don't have access to the CD-ripping setup downstairs. (I normally analyze and rip a disc or two a day while I work.)
+ I've got the main house stereo hooked up to my iPod. And with 2700 tracks in my main playlist so far, that beats any radio station all hollow.

Overall, it's not a permanent solution. But it's a pleasant change of pace for a while...

Yeah, I am *really* enjoying BSG (no spoilers)

I don't know how the season / series is going to end -- I'm still skeptical that they will manage to pull off a satisfying ending, given the impossible level of weirdness so far. But man: the past two weeks have been all about why I love this series. It may have science fiction for backdrop and setting, but the heart of the story is very down-to-earth and very human.

And it's a reminder of why I always love the end of a series: *anything* can happen, so the easy certainty that the toys will be put away by the end of the episode is simply not in effect. Not that it's ever been very true in BSG, but the tension is greatly heightened by really not knowing who is going to survive any given episode.

On the criticism side, the extra episode that was aired only online (as a series of short webisodes, but it's really one standard-length episode) is terribly important from a character and motivation POV, and they never really made that clear enough. I'm glad that we watched it just before the end of hiatus, because otherwise I'd be a lot more puzzled about some of the whys and wherefores...