February 20th, 2009


Low Company and video-watching tomorrow -- opinions on what to watch?

As I just posted to the carolingia community, we'll be having gaming at my place tomorrow. In the evening, I'd like to do a movie night -- I haven't run one in far too long, and miss doing it.

To that end, I'm looking for opinions about what to put on. Doesn't have to be SCA related -- indeed, one of the things I'm contemplating is a few episodes of The Prisoner, having discovered that the younger half of the Barony mostly hasn't seen it. But we have lots of options, including some movies that we've bought that I haven't seen yet (eg, Mirrormask, Adaptation, Good Night and Good Luck, Bubba Ho-Tep, Neverwhere), and lots more. So if there's anything you've been dying to see, give a yell.

Anyway, y'all come by, for the gaming, the movies, or both. (If you're only free for part of the day, come then -- this isn't a big heavily-structured deal.) We'll be gaming from 3-6pm, then pizza, then a movie or two...

Pointless Friday Computer Geeking

So this XKCD comic:
(neutrality schmeutrality)
does lead naturally to the question of: what does the Wikipedia Halting Problem look like? That is, is it always possible, based on the topic, to decide whether a given Wikipedia article will ever settle down and stop being the subject of edit wars? Or can you prove that this is formally undecideable?