July 22nd, 2009


Tea Leaves time?

I am amused that, amidst all the Sarah Palin hoopla, no one in the media seems to have noticed that Lindsey Graham is running for president. At least, I think he is: it's the easiest way to explain his approach to the Sotomayor confirmation hearings. Throughout, he's been loudly and clearly trying to present himself as "the good Republican" -- knowing how the game is played; terribly, *terribly* sad that things have to be that way; firm on his points of disagreement, but ultimately quite clear that he's going to be reasonable about them. Basically, he is coming across as the principled -- well, not really a centrist, but at least a non-loon in a sea of loons.

This might just be sincere, of course -- by Republican standards, Graham is less crazy than average -- but he is doing it so *conspicuously* right now that I have to suspect that there is a point to it. And a run at 2012 is a very plausible reason why -- the party is devastated right now, and laying the memetic groundwork of, "I'm the one Republican with a chance at actually getting elected" is rather sensible.

We'll see: the media's perpetual-election-cycle hype aside, it's much too early to have any real idea what things will look like by then. But it won't surprise me at all to find that, a couple years on, he's presenting himself as the face (and only hope) of responsible Republicanism...

*That* was what I was looking for

[Contest TV blather ahead: move along. No, I'm not watching Obama's speech -- frankly, I already mostly agree with him, and don't especially need the pep talk. And Children of Earth is being recorded, to watch after we've seen episode 2.]

I have to admit, I was kinda worried after the first routine from Brandon and Jeanine, which I had to agree with the judges was blah. And that worried me, because, quite frankly, they're the two I'd really *like* to see win.

(I wouldn't at all mind Janette winning -- she's is without a doubt brilliant -- but I love Jeanine's style. I find her remarkably expressive when she's handed a choreography with some oomph. She made a huge impression on me the very first show, and has been a favorite ever since.)

So I was quite relieved to see their second routine, which just plain rocked. I can vote my preference with a clear conscience...

[ETA: although, with days like today, I have to say that Melissa is moving up in my estimation every week...]