July 23rd, 2009


Yay for free wifi

This morning's "I'm going to bring the car into the shop and have them figure out why my A/C is making funny noises" has turned into an all-day affair, as they replace the compressor. So far, it's looking like it's going to take at least three hours longer than they originally said.

As little as two years ago, this would have made me notably cranky, but nowadays it's only a fairly mild inconvenience: the wifi connection here at the shop is at least as good as the one at home, so I'm actually having a decently productive (if somewhat inefficient) workday. Aside from the crappy ergonomics (the shelf I have my laptop on is practically at my shoulders), it makes a perfectly manageable environment.

It's a somewhat mixed blessing, not having the excuse of, "I'm not at the office, so I'm simply can't work" any more. But it's nice to be able to do things like this without having to take time off for it...

"Eeep -- we're being hit by a wave of spam!"

Well, that was my first reaction when I saw 300 messages slamming into our mailbox. My second reaction was, "Wait -- where is it all going?" My third reaction was, "Oh: it's all being filtered into sca-east".

And that (plus a quick skim of said wave of messages) is a pretty good summary of why I find myself unable to pay any attention to that mailing list any more. No offense to elizabear, but there's a posting brewing for The Art of Conversation, to be titled something like "Laissez-faire and the Tragedy of the Commons in the Market of Words"...