April 1st, 2010


CoApp: package management for Windows

Interesting note here from Mary Jo Foley’s always-useful Microsoft blog:


Summary: there is a nascent (like, just beginning) project to develop “CoApp”, an open-source package-management system for Windows. This recognizes that one strength of the Linux ecosystem is the mature way in which software packages are handled, which makes it much easier to roll out open source systems. Windows doesn’t have anything of the sort, and the theory here is that creating one that is tailored to the peculiarities of Windows will make it significantly easier to use open source on it.

Very neat idea. We'll see whether the project goes anywhere, but I think he's onto something here: a more organized approach to deployment would make it much easier for those of us who do want to use open source in a Windows environment.

XKCD -- best silliness today

I recommend any serious programming geek take a look at XKCD today. (Not through a feed -- actually go to the site.) It's fun, and appears to be full of in-jokes.

(And it refers to a "Wordpress CLI theme"! Now I'm curious about whether others can lift that...)

And for the geeks who want to spend a *lot* of time reading their materials of the day...

... I present to you the proceedings (PDF, 6 Meg, 168 pages) of the annual Sigbovik conference of the Association for Computational Heresy. Yes, it's the computer world's version of the Journal of Polymorphous Perversity. The proceedings contain dozens of papers, mostly a few pages each.

I've scarcely begun to dig through it, but it looks quite amusing, iff you are a *way* geeky programmer. (And utterly baffling if you aren't.)