April 28th, 2010


Scala Executive Summary

For those who are curious about Scala (my programming language of choice, which I occasionally extol the virtues of), and want a really concise thousand-foot overview, you might want to check out this executive summary. One of the members of the Scala community put it together to make the case to his management -- it's a brief slide deck that sums up a bunch of the high-level points...

Definitions of getting better

I mentioned on Sunday that I was sick; at this point, I'm still down with The Mother of All Headcolds. (Took Monday off; have worked from home yesterday and today.) But it occurs to me that the best way to drive home to myself that I'm recovering is that, while I still feel like absolute crap, weak and fuzzy-headed, the word "spoons" is no longer actually relevant. (As it was on Sunday and Monday. I'm not used to being spoon-limited.)