May 21st, 2010


For the web designers in the crowd

Among the slew of major announcements Google is making this week (most of which I'm just linking in Twitter), here's one that is very simple, practical, and About Damned Time: Google has licensed a small pile of Web Fonts, and is hosting them free for anyone on the Web to use them.

Here's the Ars Technica article talking about the project; Google's Getting Started page, which describes how to use the fonts on your page (which turns out to be really easy); and the Font Directory itself. Personally, I'm especially enamored of the IM Fell font, which is just the sort of rough-typography font that I'm always fond of for SCA use -- readable, but with a sort of hand-printed feel.

Important caveat: I think this is all using the emerging standard for web fonts, which means that it requires a modern browser -- and I believe that specifically excludes all versions of IE to date. My impression is that this stuff will work in IE 9, but that's not going to be released for a while yet. So it's questionable whether you can use it for commercial stuff yet, but it sounds entirely plausible for personal pages...

That *I* suggested? Uh, no

Today in Facebook worries: I just got a couple of notifications of people who have just friended each other. Which would be fine -- they are people who make sense to friend each other -- except that in both cases it claims that I recommended the friending, and I have no recollection of doing anything of the sort. (I've done very little with the "recommend friends" thing, and don't remember doing so at all in the past couple of months.)

Not sure what's going on here, but in light of all the other FB problems lately, I have to say it makes me just a tad uneasy...