October 9th, 2010


RIP Jezebelle

For real this time. Quiet Jezzie, soft Jezzie -- daddy's little prima donna died tonight.

We don't know what happened. We were getting ready for bed -- msmemory was already under the covers, and I was washing up when we heard a brief strange scream. It took me a minute to find my glasses, and then inventory the rooms. I found her under one of the chairs in the dining room; I knew almost instantly that she was dead.

msmemory is kind of shattered. I'm in shock, still somewhere between "this has to be a dream" and a trembling violin-string tautness, dreading having to bury her tomorrow. Jedi, bless him, is largely clueless about the whole thing.

It's a commonplace to always make sure your loved ones know you care, since you never know what tomorrow, or even the next hour, will bring. The same is true of your pets -- always remember to give them a good scritch...