April 26th, 2011


Game of Thrones (no spoilers, just opinions)

I honestly haven't decided if I actually *like* the series so far. It's a bit gratuitously nasty, and there's a distinct undertone of, "Hey, if we could do it for Rome, we can do it for fantasy! More swords and boobs!". (Not that I have anything against boobs, but it does sometimes feel like each episode is required to have a precise USRDA of sex.)

That said, I find it curious that the character I *do* like best is turning out to be Tyrion. He's a right little bastard, but he's an *honest* bastard, probably the most straightforward person in the entire story, while not being an excessively earnest stick. He's probably the only person in the whole sprawling cast that I could see having over for dinner.

Second favorite is, of course, Arya, but it's hard to dislike the girl who is clearly supposed to wind up as the high-fantasy heroine when she grows up. (No, I haven't read the books, and I have no idea where this is actually going. But Arya does rather read like the lead of a good YA fantasy novel.)

I have this vague sense that Daenerys is supposed to have a personality, and I hope that she develops one (and a decent storyline) eventually, but so far that's nothing more than a wish. I do prefer that my sex-appeal leads be at least a *bit* interesting. They're hinting broadly at Destiny and all that, but that whole plot is pretty cardboard-cutout so far...